About Pet Lovers Planet

I think we can all agree that our pets offer us more than just companionship, it’s been well documented that our pets can play a major part in the well-being of our mental state at times.

Have you ever come home after a bad day at work and your dog is sat there with a huge smile over the moon to see you? Or your cat jumps up onto the sofa and gives you a hug out of nowhere? All of these lovely kindhearted gestures that our pets show us on a daily basis can have a huge effect on most of us so it’s only right that we return the favor and make sure that we provide them with the best of care.

Our Aim.

Our aim is to be your number one go to website for all things pets, whether you’re looking for dog toys, cat litter trays, pet insurance or simply just want to do some research on various choice of breeds before choosing the new family friend we hope to have you covered.

Why Pet Lovers Planet?

I remember back in 2005 we went to the local animal shelter to offer a new home to one lucky dog and I’ll never forget how sad the dogs looked, it was cold, smelly, dark and depressing, if I could of I would have taken them all home. Since then, I have always had a dream to open a Disneyland for cats and dogs, basically the worlds greatest animal shelter.

I have hundreds of ideas however the whole project would probably end up running into the millions. I’ll never give up on this dream and hopefully by starting Pet Lovers Planet we can grow this website and use this as the platform we need to start the dream.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Petloversplanet.com

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