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Puppies have this urge to bite, chew and destroy shoes. From the age of 3-4 weeks puppies will start to go through teething until about 5-7 months old when their teeth will start to fall out and their adult teeth will start to grow through.

Unless you invest in some good chew toys for your puppy, you’re going to go through a dozen pair of shoes and other items of value. Do not let that happen. We have scoured the market to try to find the best chew toys for puppies and here are some of our favorites that we recommend to use.

Remember that chew toys can solve the following issues that all new puppies go through:

Chewing / Teething / Separation Anxiety / Boredom / Digging / Barking.


KONG Rubber Puppy Toy


Best Price Here:

KONG is one of the market leaders for good quality dog toys and the KONG rubber puppy toy has to be one of their best products available to date. Very simple and effective, puppies love it and with four sizes to choose from your dogs can enjoy this toy well into adulthood. All you need to do is fill the toy with some peanut butter, chicken bit or puppy biscuits and they’ll be occupied for hours. Recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide, made in the USA, Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly this product is a no-brainer.


SHARLOVY Variety Pack


Best Price Here:

We understand that for the majority of dog owners part of the fun is buying them a new toy however if you hate shopping and are looking for a one time purchase then look no further, the Sharlovy puppy chew variety pack has everything you need to keep your dog amused for days. The pack includes ropes for tug of war, a toothbrush dog chew, rubber bone, dog treat ball, a Frisbee and a squeaky banana. Take note that these are not for big puppies or adult dogs.


Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone


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Coming in 4 different sizes and 3 delicious flavors the Benebone wishbone is a perfect treat and chew toy at the same time for your puppy. Bacon, chicken and peanut are currently the 3 flavors on offer. Unlike some others we recommend, this dog chew is more for the aggressive chewers. Don’t freak out if you find a tooth on the floor, your puppies teeth will fall out in due course however you may want to read some reviews on Amazon before making a decision, this is a very love hate product and can be a bit hard for some pups.


Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier


Best Price Here:

For less than $5 why would you not want to buy this toy? A well-designed durable teething toy that can withstand the impact from some more aggressive little chewers. Ideal for smaller breeds but suitable for larger dogs too. Extremely well-made and can also be placed in the freezer before letting your pup play with it. Cool toys can sooth the gums of your puppy.


Moropaky Puppy Toy Mat


Best Price Here:

STOP! Stop scrolling and check this item out on Okay strictly speaking it’s not a toy, it’s a mat with toys. I don’t care because this will be the best thing you buy today for your puppy. It’s not often you come across a pet product with 100% positive feedback but the Moropaky puppy toy mat gives us just that, I love it, our friends love it and the customers love it.
It comes with multiple chew toys and is machine washable. It also folds up so you can take this with you wherever you go. It’s anti-slip bottom will keep your pup safe. If I was to be critical I would say that I would like to see this come in a couple of different sizes but unfortunately they only offer 20′ x 20′ inches. 10/10 Moropaky, Great product!


Monster K9 Chew Toy


Best Price Here:

Offering a lifetime replacement guarantee and virtually indestructible, this chew toy is the one your dog will thank you for. You can use this in the house, outside in the garden, in the park, in the rain, snow, even underwater. Dogs love a ring, I have never owned a god that never loved a ring chew toy. 100% safe and non-toxic made from natural rubber and FDA Approved materials this will not disappoint. Averaging around $20.00 online, how can you say no?If your puppy grows up and manages to destroy this toy Monster K9 will send you a replacement absolutely free.


KONG Puppy Binkie


Best Price here:

No article about puppy toys would be complete without a second entry from KONG. By far one of the most trusted dog toy manufacturers in the USA today and we feel that so long as you have at least one KONG puppy chew toy in your home your pup will not be bored and benefit greatly for years to come. This toy is similar to the other toy we highlighted previously however this toy tends to focus on smaller breeds. This toy can also be filled with treats and left for your puppy to entertain itself while your out of the house.


Dog Chew Toothbrush


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The new upgraded and improved dog chew toothbrush now offers more durability and is now made of non-toxic natural rubber. The toy is designed to not only sooth gums during teething but also to act as a toothbrush for healthier gums and teeth. The aligned bristles inside the brush help to clean any dental plaque which can get lodged in the dead corner and prevent decay. We do advise that you clean this product well every 7-10 days.


KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy


Best Price Here:

Another KONG product? Yes I know but just hear me out. KONG offer quality durable non-toxic natural products for our pets and I am a huge fan of their toys. I love them and our dogs love them, I only had one issue with a toy 6 months ago and within 3 days of sending it back to them I got another one sent out absolutely free with a bag of treats too which was a great gesture. This tire has areas within the ring where you can hide treats or cover with your pups favorite snack like peanut butter, guaranteed to keep them occupied for hours and tire them out, no pun intended.
Also, check out their page on as you will probably find a couple of other great products on their that I haven’t mentioned yet.



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