Best Dog Houses For The Outdoors


Outdoor dog houses are becoming more and more popular. With cities expanding and rural areas now becoming housing projects there is now a bigger demand for pet supplies. More people means more homes, more homes means more families, more families means? That’s right you guessed it, more dogs. According to recent studies over 45 million homes in the US alone now own a dog.

Dogs love to be outdoors so by creating a spacious, clean yard for them to play in when no one is around is a key aspect to a dogs happiness and mental attitude.

Your dog needs to feel safe at all times. It’s crucial to a dogs health that we as dog owners provide them with that comfort of feeling secure and protected.

We have put together a list of what we think are the best dog houses for the outdoors.


Suncast Outdoor Dog House

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Product Dimensions: (L x W x H)
35 x 27 x 29.5 inches. Best suited for all sizes up to 61-75lbs

38.5 x 33 x 32 inches. Best suited for dogs weighing upwards of 76lbs.

Weight: 21.2 pounds.

Attractive: An attractive modern looking design that will easily blend into the decor of your backyard or patio area.

Durable: Made from hardened plastic and constructed from heavy-duty resin with a crowned floor this dog house is sure to keep your dog safe from all weather elements every day of the year.

Easy to assemble: No need to get your tools out. Cleverly designed to take away the stress of building, simply un-box and snap together with ease so your dog can enjoy the comfort of a new home straight away.

Vinyl door: Included is a vinyl door that acts as another source of protections and insulation without obstructing entry or exit.

All weather: Vented for air circulation, Water resistant and UV protected so no need to worry about rust, rot or decay.

Low maintenance: Removable roof and easy cleaning, simply wash with warm soapy water and give it a hose down.

Raised Concerns: Fear of blowing away weighing just 20lbs. However, this house can be staked to the ground (stakes/pegs not included)


Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin

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Product Dimensions: (L x W x H)
Small: 35.2 x 25.4 x 5.1 inches. It’s ideal for smaller dog breeds.

Medium: 46.5″ x 27.2″ x 5.1 inches. It’s ideal for smaller to medium-sized dog breeds.

Large: 46.1 x 32.7 x 5.3 inches. It’s ideal for large dog breeds.

X-Large: 49.6 x 39.4 x 6.7 inches. It’s ideal for large to extra large sized dog breeds.

Weight: (s) 22 pounds. (m) 31 pounds. (l) 55 pounds. (xl) 63 pounds.

Weatherproof: Sealed protective coating, raised floor, slanted asphalt roof and an offset door ensures your dog stays safe and dry during all weather elements.

Easy to assemble: Assembled in 3 quick and easy steps which should take between 15-20 minutes in total.

Durable: Made from solid wood and stainless steel hardware this outdoor dog house is strong, sturdy and if looked after will last a very long time.

Adjustable feet: Stability isn’t an issue with four adjustable feet giving you stress-free placement on any uneven surface.

Raised Concerns: Lightweight floor that can perhaps be strengthened but not a major issue. A better sealed coating could have been used. For this, a quick and easy solution would be to buy a clear deck sealer that can provide even better weather protection in a stain that matches your surroundings.


AmazonBasics Elevated Portable Pet House

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Product Dimensions: (L x W x H)
43 x 35 x 30 Inches. Ideal for a medium-sized dog.

Weight: 17.6 pounds.

Additional sizes & Colors: AmazonBasics offer this portable pet house in black, blue or khaki as well as 2 additional sized dog houses for small and large breeds.

Portable: This off-the-ground pet house provides your dog with a cozy, relaxed feeling whilst under shelter outdoors and can be moved indoors very easily if needed.

Ventilated: An A-frame canopy roof fitted with mesh panels allows air to freely flow through keeping the air circulated.

Durable: Made from Oxford fabric, mesh cloth and metal and plastic components, this makes the AmazonBasics elevated pet home easy to wipe clean and most importantly easy to move around. Ideal for the patio, days out at the park, or weekends away at the campsite.

Easy to clean: The Oxford fabric used here allows you to wipe clean any dirty in minutes.

Raised Concerns: Flaps on the roof can blow open when kept outside on a windy day which obviously isn’t good when it rains. I suggest some double-sided sticky Velcro tape to help with this issue.


Arf Frame Dog House

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Product Dimensions: (L x W x H)
22 x 22.2 x 22.8 inches. Ideal for very small dog breeds.

Weight: 10 pounds.

Additional sizes: Pet squeak offer this item in 4 sizes. Extra small, small, medium and large.

Quality material: The primary wood used in Pet Squeak dog houses is Cunninghamia Lanceolata, commonly referred to as ”White Cedar” or ”Stained Whitewood”. Renowned for its earthy fresh aroma, pest resistance and appearance.

Easy to Assemble: Just a few panels required to assemble this dog house together in as little as 20 minutes.

Naturally weather resistant: Built to withstand heavy rain and windy days your dog will be safe and sound in a non-toxic habitat environment.

Highly recommended: I highly recommend this product, it’s competitively priced, the material used is great and your dog will absolutely love the new home.

Adjustable feet: Stability isn’t an issue with four adjustable feet giving you stress-free placement on any uneven surface.

Raised Concerns: If kept in the sun overtime the color will fade. Like many other dog houses I recommend you speak with your local DIY store for recommendations on an odorless wood sealant to protect the wood from fading.


Pet Zone Dog House

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Product Dimensions: (L x W x H)
36.5 x 27 x 28 inches. Ideal for medium-sized dogs and large sized dogs.

Weight: 23 pounds.

Double-Wall design: Keep your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Up to 10x more insulating properties than your standard single wall dog houses.

For all weather conditions: Built from heavy-duty materials to keep your pooch safe from all the elements. UV protected and fade resistant you can keep this large dog house in your garden without worry.

Easy assembly and cleaning: No tools needed to assemble, just click into place, attach the roof and you’re done. To clean simply detach the roof and wipe down with warm soapy water before hosing.

Durable: Proudly made in America with durable material this large dog house is built to last.

Raised Concerns: During the winter this dog house may not be insulated enough to keep your dog warm. However, by placing an old sleeping bag or think blanket inside this can raise the temperature by a few degrees. Some people also fit an electric heat mat.


Giantex Wooden Dog House

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Product Dimensions: (L x W x H)
29 x 21 x 26 inches. Ideal for small breeds.

Weight: N/A

Made of Fir wood: Treated with natural color stains and made of Fir wood this pet house for the outdoors but I would recommend keeping under a roof during bad weather.

2 Tier-design: Pleasant space to relax on the roof and take in the sun with a comfortable living area below your pooch is sure fall in love. It’s a dog house with a rooftop.

Easy to assemble: Included is a little toolkit and manual to help with assembling this together, very simple instructions and you should have this up and ready within 30 minutes.

Lightweight: Fir wood is a nice elegant quality wood but not heavy. This lightweight dog house for the outdoors is also loved by many indoors. Cold outdoors? simply pick it up and move it inside so your dog can enjoy the warmth of spending the night in with the family.

Raised Concerns: Don’t leave this house out when there’s a storm. It’s not built to withstand really bad weather.


Petmate Indigo Dog House

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Product Dimensions: (L x W x H)
Medium: 37.5 x 30.5 x 22.8 inches. Suitable for dogs weighing 25-50lbs.

Large: 43.8 x 34 x 25.8 inches. Suitable for dogs weighing 50-90lbs.

X-Large: 51.5 x 39.3 x 30 inches. Suitable for dogs weighing 90-125lbs.

Weight: (m) 17.5 pounds (l) 22 pounds (xl) 39.7 pounds.

Heavy duty: Made of heavy-duty hard plastic that provides insulation in hot and cold weather. An offset door is also included making sure that rain will not be getting in.

Additional features: The raised floors and moat-like sides on the outdoors ensure that any rain is kept out and your dog is kept nice and warm.

Comfortable air flow: A rooftop air vent has been created to let a continuous air flow through the dog house creating a comfortable fresh air environment for your dog.

Antimicrobial protection: Included in the design of this dog house is antimicrobial protection that helps to prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.

Raised Concerns: May get too hot inside if left in the sun on a hot day.


Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door

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Product Dimensions: (L x W x H)
38.5 x 33 x 32 inches. Ideal for small, medium and large sized dogs up to 70lbs.

Weight: 26.7 pounds.

Durable: Produced from heavy-duty resin with a crowned floor to ensure your dog stays dry and safe from all weather elements.

Easy to assemble: No tools required, simply unwrap and click into place. Your dog’s new home should be up and ready in the matter of minutes.

Built to last: A modern-day house design means this pet home will be able to into its surroundings and match most outside decor. Resistant to fading components and hard plastic means this home is built to last.

Easy to clean: For a thorough wash simply detach the roof and wash down with warm soapy water before giving it a good hose down.

Door Included: A vinyl door is also included with this item to give your dog added security and additional insulation during cooler weather.

Raised Concerns: The sturdiness of this item has come into question on a few occasions. Some customers have been concerned that this dog house moves around when left outside in the open on a day with high winds. Thick insulation mats (not included) can be added to keep your pet warm and add some extra weight.


Pets Imperial Extra Large Insulated Dog Kennel

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Product Dimensions: (L x W x H)
53 x 36 x 37 inches. Ideal for medium to large dogs.

Weight: 80 pounds.

For heavy dogs: Two additional wooden support rails allows weight to be applied up to 150lbs.

Insulated panels: All panels have been constructed using timer (tongue and groove), Styrofoam and plywood keeping your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Adjustable feet: Four rot free plastic caps feet allows for a raised dog house. Suitable for uneven floors and gives you a 2-inch floor clearance which creates a flow of air keeping the floor dry.

Treated timber: The timber has been treated with animal friendly components, this quality design is built to last.

Easy access: Vinyl door at the front for an easy access and to keep your dog safe. Two attached brackets allow the roof to be opened for easy placement and removal of items such as blankets and food & water bowls.

Asphalt roof: The roof has been finished using green asphalt to keep the dog house from leaking.

Raised Concerns: So long as you have patience to put this together and tighten up any loose ends that may have come apart during transit you’ll end up with a fantastic large dog house for the outdoors.


Petsfit Portable Wooden Dog House

Best Price Here: Check Price

Product Dimensions: (L x W x H)
41 x 30 x 24 inches. Ideal for small and medium-sized dogs.

Weight: 24 pounds.

Ready-made: Believe it or not this portable dog house comes in one piece. No assembly required. It does arrive flat packed, simply unwrap, pull and wait for it to click into place.

Easy access: To access the inside to clean, replace food and water bowls or simply check on your pooch just open the roof.

Solid & durable: I think this is a great dog house however before keeping it out in the rain I personally would add some extras like and wood stain to add more protection, asphalt material to the roof and most importantly, a door. This is perfect for outdoors under a roof and an excellent dog house for indoors.

Raised floor: A raised floor gives you a constant airflow, air that is able to circulate will stop the base of the floor from getting wet.

Odorless: Constructed using cedar wood and finished with water-based paint this odorless dog house is perfect for dogs that are sensitive to strong smells.

Indoor & Outdoor: What makes this dog house perfect for both indoors and outdoors is the fact that it’s lightweight, odorless and doesn’t look out of place around the house.

Raised Concerns: There is no door included which is a concern if kept is a windy cold environment. However, a variety of doors can be found online and easily fitted.


TRIXIE Classic Outdoor Wooden Dog House

Best Price Here: Check Price

Product Dimensions: (L x W x H)
33.5 x 22.8 x 23.6 inches.Ideal for medium sized dogs.

Weight: 27 pounds.

Additional sizes: If you think this won’t be big enough for your large dog do not worry, additional sizes are available online.

Weatherproof: Constructed using solid pine with draft resistant tongue and groove. No wind or rain will be getting through this wooden dog house, an asphalt roof makes sure of that.

Removable raised floor: A raised floor on adjustable feet makes sure that air can circulate and the house can be kept on an uneven ground if need be. If for any reason you need to remove the floor to clean or fix simply open the roof and remove the slats.

Hinged roof: Two locking arms attached to the roof give you the option to have it open or closed.

Plastic door: There is no door included with this item. However, Trixie do sell a plastic door separately if you plan to keep this dog house out in the open.

Raised Concerns: Some wood panels may be splintered upon delivery. This is perfectly normal with pine products. Simply use some sandpaper to get rid of any parts that appear rough. Your dog house should always have a smooth surface.



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